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    Polimario's Nuclear Friend Roster. (Srs Radiation warning!)


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    Polimario's Nuclear Friend Roster. (Srs Radiation warning!)

    Post  Polimario on Tue Jul 03, 2012 1:29 am

    Hello, and I present to you my Roster. I'm Polimario, but I'm not your average teen. I like to look at things a little differently. I've been with Mario Kart since the GBA, when I was 5. I enjoy reading, drawing, and, of course, gaming. If you fancy an add for MK7, see below. If for a different game, please VM me.


    3DS Friend Code:4425-1491-7986

    Mario Kart 7 Info
    Mii Names: Ð¥★Polimar/ϕlimαr™
    Clan: Dynamite
    Community: Team Mecha & Boo
    Star Rank:✯✯✯
    VR: 21000+
    Racing Style: Flexible. I can be either aggressive or strategic.

    Bowser+ B Dasher/Wooden/Beast
    Luigi+ Blue Seven/Wooden/Beast
    Yoshi+ B Dasher/???/Flower

    When it comes to Yoshi, I use what Wheels the situation calls for.

    Bowser's Castle and Wario Shipyard? YES!
    Toad Circuit and Coconut Mall? NOOOO!

    Why do I use Bowser? He's FREAKIN Bowser, you don't need a reason to use him!

    I prefer to race people of 25,000 VR or higher. But, if you're among my fellow clansmen, or I know you, I'll make zee exception!

    Oh, and raging? I rarely do that. I'm a pretty laidback racer. Shell or Shine, I'll keep moving on.

    Now, it's time for....

    The Roster

    MK7 Peeps
    -Flare (R: 95)
    -Mecha (R: 93)
    -Dawnknight (R: 64)
    -Wouter (R: 60)
    -2w Wosie (R: 23)
    -Ness (R: 11)
    -Fasuke (R: 6)
    -Ralpha (R: 0)
    -Ryuji (R: 0)

    -Don JP


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