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    -175 DY vs FA [19/7/12]


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    -175 DY vs FA [19/7/12]

    Post  FinalFight on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:45 pm

    I always goat rAF, everything else was rape. ggs.

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    Re: -175 DY vs FA [19/7/12]

    Post  uJoão on Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:55 pm

    I got something big to say about this war.

    Ok, so it started out like this. It was night, we had 5 people on, why not war? Since it's not only Mark that can get a war. So I put it on the chat, wait awhile, no response. Ok let's froom, then we'll get a war, I thought. It happened.
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    I had no clue which clan it was, so I told everyone to GTFO out of the froom and get in their comm. When I saw the community... I wanted to shoot myself to have accepted the war. FA. The one clan I didn't want to war at all but we couldn't back down now. So the LU was Me, FF, Matt and Mish. My thoughts before the war started? We were gonna destroyed, trolled and our asses handed to us in a silver plate. The war had some D/Cs problem from both sides in GP1 that we restarted like 2 times. By the time it works there's only 1 D/C we continue. GP1 was bad, I was losing hope already, as if I had any. Then GP2, no d/cs... alright. Top 3? Top 2? What is this madness? How are we actually doing this well? So we win GP2, thanks to g0at FF with his rAF pr0ness. GP3 comes, someone d/cs, again. GP3 felt really close, too close that by the last race if we had gotten at least top 3 we could have potentially won this. After seeing the point difference I didn't care much. I suck against FA, I don't think we had a good LU but I also don't think they had a too great of a LU...Alan also wants me to mention the fact that when he left(cause he was sub) we started doing well, cause this was shortly after GP1 ended... Alan is a bad luck charm, no wonder he wars and when he car his power goes out. GGs Alan. I still hate myself for having accepted that war but tbh, they didn't troll imo. Of course they backspammed and hit people with stars but didn't STOP to do so, at least not in my point of view. Mark I hate you for having gone to bed, maybe then I would've known that was FA and wouldn't have accepted it. (sun)

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